Zahnarztpraxis an der Tela 14
Dr. med. dent. Andreas Pohl
Tegernseer Landstr. 14 · 81541 München · Tel.: 089-64943044
Implantologisch ttige Zahnarztpraxis
Healthy teeth from the very beginning

If you've learned as child how to brush your teeth well, you probably have no problems with your teeth today. Firsat steps in tooth maintenance should start with the first tooth, because healthy milk teeth are the best preliminary for healthy teeth as an adult.
Prophylactic revisions pay off! They help prevent serious damages and diseases. Diligent oral hygiene and regular prophylaxis should be routine from a young age onwards.
We dedicate ourselves empathically to our smallest patients, answer all the curious questions there may be and inform about all factors like the risks of caries, nutrition habits and so much more. Our practice is specialised in treating children.

A prevention-oriented care includes the special consultings needed in case of a pregnancy.
We will gladly inform you about everything you should pay attention to as of healthy nutrition of the infant, correct oral hygiene and prevention of bacterial contagion. We explain you how to handle the "sweets issue" and help you in finding a balanced nutrition for your child.
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